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Call of the Wild

Snow leopards can leap up to 50 feet (15 m). Jaguars have the strongest bites of all big cats. Cheetahs often go three to four days without drinking. The Wild Cats eight-book series is full of fascinating facts like these. Feline fanatics will love learning about where their favorite big cats live, how they hunt, and which unique features help them survive in the wild.

Like other Apex hi-lo books, this series is written for an interest level of grades 3–7 and a reading level of grades 2–3. Short paragraphs of carefully leveled text allow readers to achieve success quickly, while exciting, high-interest content and colorful photographs make reading engaging. Comprehension questions reinforce key takeaways from each book. Educators can also access free lesson plans to help strengthen students’ understanding of the material.

Aligned with the National Science Education Standards’ Content Standard C, the Wild Cats series provides an action-packed introduction to some of the top feline predators on Earth.

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