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Introducing Apex

This fall, North Star Editions is excited to introduce Apex, a new hi-lo imprint. Apex books feature crowd-pleasing topics and vibrant images to catch striving readers’ interest and keep them engaged. Plus, each book’s easy-to-read text helps provide support and context clues to set readers up for success.

For example, the Greek Gods and Goddesses series highlights several of the most popular myths and deities from ancient Greece. Readers learn about each deity’s powers and abilities, as well as some of the famous legends each god or goddess appears in. Each chapter is broken up into short paragraphs that are paired with plentiful images.

Every book ends with a short quiz that readers can use to test their comprehension. Teachers can visit for printable versions of these quizzes. This website also includes a lesson plan for each series. This versatile activity can be used in the classroom, in small groups, or for independent work. For example, Greek Gods and Goddesses includes a worksheet that guides students through taking notes on a book’s key ideas.

Whether students are wanting to build reading skills or find facts about their favorite topics, Apex helps empower striving readers to explore their interests and meet their goals.

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